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Vingli Solar Cover Reel Review

If you have a pool like me, and live in a part of the U.S. where keeping heat in your pool is important, you've likely used or wanted to use a solar cover. The problem is that getting these solar covers on and off of your pool is a HASSLE! Picture trying to drag a giant, heavy blanket onto a body of water and keeping all of it's edges from being submerged, yeah, NOT FUN!

I've seen several solar cover reels online but had always been skeptical about them. I wasn't sure that it would really make using the solar cover that much easier, boy was I wrong!

I picked up this Vingli Solar Cover Reel on Amazon in hopes that it would make using my solar cover that much easier. I was pleased to find that not only was it super easy to assemble and setup, but using it to rollout or rollup your cover is just as easy as it sounds! Now I leave my solar cover on anytime we aren't in the pool and our pool holds much higher temps as a result.

I even made a Youtube video about it!

So if you've got an in-ground or above-ground pool and you want to keep the heat in it more efficiently with your solar cover, one of these Vingli Solar Cover Reel's are worth every penny!

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