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This Pool Vacuum Sucks...Literally! Intex Pro-Spa Cordless Pool Vacuum Review

If you have a pool like I do, you know that this means you have to vacuum it out, usually once a week. This can be a real chore having to drag the hose out, as well as the extender pole with the vacuum, then fill the hose with water to eliminate the air bubbles, then hook the hose up to either your skimmer basket or the vacuum port. When you are done, then you have to unhook the hose, drag it out of the water, followed by the vacuum head, then coil it back's honestly a huge PITA. I came across an interesting item the other day, the Intex Pro-Spa Cordless Battery Pool Vacuum! I decided to give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised with the results!

Checkout the YouTube video below I made showing how this vacuum works!

guy looking at pool vacuum

Intex says that this vacuum is only for above ground pools, however it works perfectly fine in my in-ground. One thing I will say, is that I picked this vacuum up for those lighter, in between vacuum jobs, the ones where I don't want to drag out the hose and the whole kit and kaboodle to vacuum up a few specs of dirt or a stray leaf or two. I tried it out on exactly those conditions, my pool had just a bit of dirt here and there and maybe one or two leaves in the deep end.

Intex cordless pool vacuum

Assembly was super easy and it went together in 5 minutes or less. The vacuum came pre-charged out of the box and once you flip the switch from 0 to 1, just set it in the water and it comes on automatically! To my surprise it started sucking up the dirt from the bottom with ease! I did a few spots across the whole pool and it worked great! Once I was done guess what? No hose hassle! I just unhooked it from my extender pole and then I was done!

This unit not only surprised me how well it worked, but the price was amazing as well. I came across competitor's unit's that were going for over $200 but at the time of this writing, the Intex Vacuum is only $76 on Amazon!

woman using pool vacuum

So if you have a pool and hate messing with the hoses and hassle every time you need to vacuum, you might consider picking up one of these cordless battery options to do the job!

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