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Best Baby Items For Your Newborn

Must have items for your new bundle of joy

When we had our little one we weren't quite sure what all products we would need. There are SO many out there, and quite frankly most of them seem like a waste of money. After a ton of trial and error, we've compiled a definitive list of the MUST HAVE products for your newborn to help both them and you! So read below for the best baby items for your newborn.


1. Frida Baby Medi Frida Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

This thing was an absolute life-saver! When your baby gets sick it can be almost impossible to get them to take a dose of any kind of liquid medicine. That's where the Medi Frida comes into play, it allows you to connect your medicine filled syringe to the end of a pacifier to sneakily give your little one the medicine that they need! I can't recommend this product enough.


2. Angelcare Baby Bath Support

This product is to help support your newborn so you can give them baths while they are still tiny. Just set it in your bathtub (or sink if you have one large enough) and your infant will be calm and in a relaxed position while you bathe them.


3. Lollipop Baby Monitor

If you've done any research on baby monitor's, I'm sure you have come across the Lollipop monitor. This all-in-one monitor has a unique attachment method via the steam of the camera (hence it's name). This allows for a variety of placement options to suit your needs. The monitor has enhanced sound capture, night vision, two-way audio, and with add-ons you can also track your baby's health metrics like BPM. You can view and use all of this via the Lollipop app on your smart device.


4. Portable Hook On High Chair

Remember those huge, clunky, wooden high-chairs that your parents had to use? Those are a thing of the past with the invention of these hook on high chairs! Best of all, with one of these you never run into a situation where the restaurant doesn't have any high chairs. These simply lock onto the table you are dining at and all your infant to be a part of the conversation with everyone else! Easy to fold up and store as well.


5. Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

When we brought home our baby from the hospital, we weren't quite sure what to do for a sleeping arrangement. We knew we couldn't use her crib in the other room yet, we didn't want her sleeping in bed with us, so what were we to do! Well that's where these bedside sleepers come into play! This allows you to kind of add an attachment to your bed where your little one can sleep comfortably until they are old enough to transition to their crib.


6. Momcozy White Noise Machine

Sound machines can really help with your infant sleeping through the night. Modern sound machines can play several different sounds from white noise, brown noise, pink noise, birds, ocean waves, etc.! This Momcozy one even functions as a night light which comes in handy! All of this is controlled from your smart device via the app and can be programmed with auto-off timers as well.


7. Bottle Drying Rack

Babies go through A LOT of bottles, which means, you guessed it, you will be cleaning bottles A LOT. A good drying rack for these bottles is essential. This one from Oxo Tot can hold up to 8 bottles at once as well as a removable cup for straws, utensils, and more! Plenty of draining channels make it easy to drain the excess water out.


8. Baby Lounger Newborn Bassinet Mattress

Give your baby the sense of security by simulating the concept of uterus with these lounger mattresses. These help assist with co-sleeping, but can also be used on the floor, in a standard crib, or a bassinet. The sturdy armrests help prevent your baby from falling or getting injured.


9. Breastmilk Storage Bags

If you are planning on breastfeeding or pumping, breastmilk storage bags are an absolute must. These will allow for easy storage in either the fridge or your freezer for longer term storage. These Lansinoh storage bags are double sealed and hold up to 6 ounces which makes them perfect for new moms.


10. Remote Control Teether (Two-Pack)

If there's one thing you will come to learn, babies LOVE remote controls. I honestly don't know what about them draws babies in, but we can have a living room full of toys and our little one will always go for our Roku remote. Something else that's sure to happen is teething pain and the need for teethers. Combine the two things together and you get this clever invention, remote control teethers! Your little one will think they are playing with a remote while being able to soothe their hurting gums.


Hopefully this list of goodies will help give you an idea of some nifty things for you and your little one! Congratulations to your or to whomever you are going to be purchasing these items for and enjoy the precious time watching them grow.

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